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FAQ for Contest Holders

FAQ - Contest Holder

You can cancel a contest at any time. Just reply on one of our emails.

If you set up a not guaranteed contest, you’ll get your money back. If you set up a guaranteed contest, the winner(s) will be chosen by Revarder.

Generally, there are 4 topics to choose from: UX, Innovation, Marketing, Competition. Please send us an email if you wish reviews about something else.

No problem, just send an email or reply on any email you received from Revarder. Or use the contact form.

You probably made a typo. Anyway, if you didn’t get an error when you submitted the form, we got your data.

Please send us a message. We will correct your email address and send you a confirmation email.

No problem, just include a link in your contest brief that leads to your site/product.

When creating a contest, you can select the option “Review Forwarding to you – one by one”. This means, you’ll have the chance to ask any reviewer for changes on his review. Should you still not like the reviews you receive, you don’t have to select a winner and you get your money back (provided you chose the “not guaranteed” contest option).

If you choose “Guaranteed Winner Selection”, you will receive more reviews as of course, this option will create more attention. You have to select a winner, as long as at least 1 valid review (per review topic) was submitted.


If you choose “Not Guaranteed Winner Selection”, you don’t have to select any winner if no review was useful for you. However, you can select a winner for one review topic, but choose to not select any winner for another review topic. This is completely up to you. You will get the paid reward money back for the review topics for which you didn’t select a winner. Please consider that there is no refund for the $50 listing fee. Please consider as well that the contest page shows your ratio of selected winners/max. possible winners. The higher the ratio of selected winners, the more attractive your ‘not guaranteed’ contest to the crowd.