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FAQ for Reviewers

FAQ - Reviewer

The timer indicates the end of a contest. It’s usually around midnight (Pacific Time Zone).

Each email you receive will contain a link in the footer to update your settings. Or, just fill out the form again. Using the same email address will override the current settings.

In most cases, we use Transferwise to send it to your bank account. But we are flexible and we also accept payments via Paypal. Or, if you don’t have a bank account (or Transferwise doesn’t send money to your country), we can use Western Union so you can pick up the money at a Western Union desk.

In the email you will receive when the winners are announced, there will be a link to your subscriber profile where you can manage your bank account. In case you don’t want to leave your bank account on Revarder, we will send you an email via Transferwise, hence you can share your bank account with Transferwise only, that works as well.

Although we encourage contest holders to give feedback on your reviews, it’s up to them to decide whether they want to give feedback or not. However, should the contest holder have rated your review as “very useful“ but you didn’t win, we will let you know that you were close to getting the reward.

Change your profile data (link in each email footer, or fill out the form on the website again). Choose more review topics, set the minimum reward to $100, choose “I’m interested in all contests”, choose to receive emails for contests where the contest holder isn’t happy yet with the feedback.

Please check your spam folder (and add our email address to your contact list).

If you couldn’t find any email at all, you probably made a typo when submitting your email address. Please fill out the form again.

There are sites like eangel where you can email your text/documents to and they proofread and correct it.

Their current plans are quite cost-efficient:

$5/month for 1785 reviewed words or 830 corrected characters
$14/month for 5385 reviewed words or 2415 corrected characters

You get a bonus of 700 words by using this link: https://eangel.me

Guaranteed Contests mean guaranteed payout, as long as there was at least 1 valid review submitted. Not guaranteed means that the contest holder can decide not to select a winner.