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How to write a review

A few tips for writing useful reviews to enhance your chances to win a contest. Please read them carefully.

The Basics

The reviews you create can be uploaded on the particular contest page.

Before you start, be sure you read the contest brief. It’s not about saying what you like about a site. It’s about what you don’t like, what should be improved (and why and how it should be improved). Your review won’t be published online, its sole purpose is to help the business to improve its product.

The contest ends with the selection of the winners by the contest holder (which takes up to 10 days). In any case, you will get an email from Revarder, whether you won or not.


It’s a good idea to back up your point of view with relevant statistics, or even better, create your own surveys. There are many tools available to create your own surveys, which you can then send to friends via email or to a broader audience via social media. Or you could use platforms like mturk where you can expect 10 survey participants/1$ for 5min surveys.

Integrating self-made statistics will increase the attractiveness of your feedback. However, it’s important to always share the source of the information you provide.

Images + Videos

It’s an absolute must to include screenshots in usability reviews. It makes it much easier to understand what you want to say. You could even come up with your own drawings (“a picture says more than a thousand words”).

Screen recordings (software comparison) are well-liked as well. Ideally, you would combine screen recordings with text/image documents. You could be sure to be in the pole position.

If you create video files, please upload them to your own cloud provider and provide a download link on the submit form. Last but not least, do not create screen recordings without a voice-over.

Length & Structure

A review on Revarder has to be longer and more detailed than the average review you can find online. Finding 3 bugs simply isn’t enough to win a contest. Make sure the document is readable (good example).

Create 1 document for each category you participate in (include all screenshots in this document). If you test on multiple devices, it’s ok to upload multiple documents.

Always mention the category in the title of your review (e.g. “Usability Review for Company x”).


Read the contest page, know what the contest holder is looking for. Don’t forget to list possible references. If you have specific skills/knowledge, mention it. Be honest and critical, but write in a friendly tone. Do not copy text from the internet (if it makes sense to copy something specific though, always indicate the source; copied info without reference leads to exclusion from Revarder). Do not make advertisement in any form. Do not provide personal information. If the contest holder has any questions, we will let you know.

Learn from Others

At the end of each contest you participate in, you get access to the prize-winning reviews of the particular contest.

It’s important to have a look at these reviews to understand what it needs to win a contest.

Compare your Review

Each review is being analyzed and at the end, a bubble chart is being created.

This allows you to compare your review to others and lets you know where you have to improve to win the next contest.