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English, Russian, Latvian

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Competitor Analysis

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Rewards (1st, 2nd, 3rd place)
$400, $100, $50
$300, $100, $50
$300, $100, $50

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14 May-17 Jun 2017 EOD

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Contest Brief

Mailigen is an Email Marketing Service Provider which recently created a contest on Revarder. However, as they asked for more feedback, we created this second contest with higher prize money and more review categories.

This time, it’s not only about testing Mailigen’s usability, but also about coming up with creative ideas to improve their service and analyzing the situation between Mailigen and their competitors. That’s why this contest consists of 3 sub-contests:

  • Usability ($500 total prize money, guaranteed)
  • Innovation ($350 total prize money, guaranteed)
  • Competitor Analysis ($350 total prize money, guaranteed)

To participate, just create a free profile at Mailigen (when they ask for a domain name, just use, – you don’t need to own a domain). Write your review/s about the category/categories you’re interested in and submit it/them via the form.

Before you start creating your review, make sure you read the how to write a review section!


Test the usability of Mailigen’s web service. In the last contest for Mailigen, some reviewers only reviewed the landing page. While this can be done very thoroughly, this time it’s a must to create a profile at Mailigen to test the interface from a Mailigen user’s point of view.


Come up with new, innovative and, most importantly, well-thought-out ideas and write them down in a way the reader can follow your train of thought. Reviewers have the tendency to oversimplify when it comes to ideas, therefore, be sure to write down why you came up with your ideas and what their possible impact could be.

It could be an idea about a new way of monetization. Or about a new feature. Or about the next strategic step the company should take. It’s completely up to you. Just make sure you explain your idea(s) very thoroughly. I repeat, this section is not about listing some keywords. It’s about explaining your idea(s) in detail, making sure the reader understands the importance of your thoughts.

Competitor Analysis

A few questions you could ask yourself:

  • How well does Mailigen compare to other Email Marketing Providers?
  • How well does Mailigen’s feature x compare to feature x at another Email Provider?
  • Does Mailigen do a good job in promoting its USP (Unique Selling Point)?
  • Are there any upcoming startups Mailigen should keep an eye on?
  • Are there companies from other industries trying to gain market share in the email sending industry?

Maybe you will come up with other questions.  Writing your feedback, you can follow a wide but flat strategy (more but less detailed) or a narrow but deep strategy (less but more detailed). In any case, try to write down your feedback in a comprehensible way.



  1. Johnny
  2. peco
  3. shimrud


  1. rocket.builder
  2. joysofasia
  3. carrieblogger

Competitor Analysis:

  1. rocket.builder
  2. peco
  3. shimrud

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Email Marketing Provider


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Ieva Baranova, Content Manager

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