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09 Apr –  03 May

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Email Marketing Provider Comparison

Contest for Revarder’s 1st Blog Post

Created: Apr 09
Updated: May 01


Searching for an email marketing provider is an unsatisfying task. There are just dozens to choose from. So what you normally do is a search for “best email marketing provider” or “email marketing provider comparison”. What you get are posts that sometimes indeed provide a lot of useful information, but these posts always compare only a few providers and won’t give you a wide filter range to efficiently let you compare on the basis of your criteria.  So you never get a complete picture unless you invest a lot of time for research.

The problem is not that these posts aren’t helpful. They are, sometimes they really go into detail, but comparing more than a few would go beyond the scope of any blog.

The point is that reading these detailed posts should only be the second step when having narrowed down your favorites already. But is there a blog who compares all (I found 130) email marketing providers in a digestible way, say, in 15 minutes? I couldn’t find any, although this first step would be so important.

As the often discussed A.I. is not yet so advanced to take over, such a comparison has to be created manually. And as this task would be extremely time-consuming for just one person, it’s an ideal task to be solved by the crowd.

So the goal is to gather data/review all these email marketing providers. To make that possible, I specified 22 criteria on which each provider needs to be measured. I created a google sheet for each criterion. These sheets contain all providers and in most cases, there is a drop down box with the choice of either “yes/no” or “basic/advanced” (depending on the criterion). The first cell always shows the criterion and sometimes contains further info (just do a mouseover).

In short, let’s create the gold standard blog for everyone who wants to narrow down 130 email marketing providers to a few, within 10 minutes. But even more important than saving time (most don’t take the time to do the research), this blog will inform the reader about potential candidates they never even heard of.

I don’t explain in this contest brief what the blog will finally look like, but you can guess that it will be all about filtering. In case the blog receives approval, the concept will be continued and refined. In any case, there will be an “update contest” at a later time, in order to keep the data up to date.


First I thought it’s best if you visit an email marketing provider’s website, gather all the relevant info, and continue with the next one. But the thing is, to know whether to choose (e.g.) basic or advanced, unless an email provider’s case is obvious and hence makes the choice easy, you need to have seen quite a few providers, to get the sense of the scope of the respective criterion. One always needs some experience to be able to evaluate something correctly. That’s why I created the spreadsheets the other way round: 1 spreadsheet = 1 criterion, with all email marketing providers listed.

So you choose one of those 22 criteria. You click on the link to get access to the sheet. If you have a Google account, you will be told that you need permission and ask for access. Click on “request access”. In case you don’t have a Google account, click on the link below the login form to create one. It just takes 10 seconds, you can even use your current email address. You need a Google account because I have to give you “edit right” in order to keep things simple.

I will give you access manually. It can happen quickly, but it can also take a few hours. Just wait, you will receive an email when the access is granted.

On the spreadsheet, you will see that I created a column with edit rights especially for you, the one with your username on top. If I can’t link your email address to a username in my database, I will use the first few characters from your email address.

Try to answer fill in all cells. If you want to leave a comment, just right click on a cell > insert note. Don’t compare your answers with others. Enter what you think is correct. When you finished, you can ask for access to another spreadsheet.

Please note that you can only work on one spreadsheet at a time. If you want to work again on a previous spreadsheet, you have to ask for access again. In this case you will get a new column. At the end your columns will be combined and in case of incongruity, the newer data will be used.

When “basic” is to be used, when “advanced”

First, please make sure you read the notes (if there are any) in the first cell (mouseover).

Generally, “basic” is more widespread than “advanced” (but not always). You only get a sense for a certain criterion after you checked and compared multiple providers. After having compared all providers, you might want to re-evaluate your first decisions.

Yes/No options are of course easier. If you have difficulties to decide for an option though because you can’t find the needed information on the company’s website, it’s probably a better idea to ask them via email than trying to google an answer.

Which sheet should I start with?

Either you choose the topic that interests you most, or you choose one where nobody started with it yet (the number in brackets (1) will tell you how many people already contributed in a spreadsheet, without having to ask for access first). Or maybe you want to start with yes/no sheets that need less time (but also get fewer points, see next chapter). 

How the winners will be selected:

The ranking list is defined by the number of points you get.

In regard to yes/no sheets (+ App, Free Trial/Free Plan, Support, Templates): A correct answer in the first column gets 2 points (the one who first asks for access gets the first column). You will still get 1 point for the correct answer in the remaining columns, or even 4 points, when you were the only one who disagreed with all the others in that row and the admin thinks, at the end of the contest, you were right).

All other sheets give twice as many points (as they are more time-consuming): 4-2-8.

So, being the first is important. But keep in mind you can only work on 1 sheet at a time. Not being the first one could be even more lucrative, especially in case you were the only one with the correct answer.

In case somebody will have a high ratio of wrong answers (especially in regard to yes/no answers, but also obvious in basic/advanced answers), Revarder reserves the right to exclude someone from the contest when it’s assumed that a person just chose the options randomly. In general, Revarder reserves the right to make some changes to the contest rules, should it become needed.


A cell value is generally being considered as correct unless someone else comes up with a different value. In this case, the admin will check (at the end of the contest) which value is correct according to him (and will do some follow-up checks of the user who provided the wrong value to make sure the user didn’t make random choices).

A ranking list with all the participants will be created at the end and sent to the participants (only usernames visible).

The winners will be mentioned prominently in the blog (only if wished!) with the option to include a link of their choice.

The final blog will not only allow readers to filter by criteria but will also list one or multiple (TBD) ranking lists of email marketing providers, where each criterion is weighted in a first round by Revarder and subsequently influenced by people leaving their own opinion about the relevance of these criteria via blog comment section.

A minimum of 150 correct entries is needed to be considered as a potential winner.

Contest Winners

1st: Johnny
2nd: samantha.m
3rd & 4th: rocket.builder & hulla
no 5th place as only 4 participants

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