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What you get

Revarder gives you instant access to a crowd of designers, innovators, analysts, and marketing gurus. By creating a contest and specifying what you're looking for, you'll get feedback from all over the world for a price you choose yourself.

UX & Usability

Get thorough feedback on the User Experience and the Usability of your service, whether it’s a website, an app or an ad. No matter how rigorously you checked yourself, the crowd will always find something to improve on.

The reviewers are encouraged to not just come up with text only reviews but to use screenshots or even screen recordings.


Receive a multitude of ideas to improve your service, whether it’s about new features, monetization, or general strategy (or according to your requirements).

The reviewers are encouraged to not just come up with simple ideas but to thoroughly explain them in detail and to make sure the recipient can understand the potential impact they could have.


There are two sorts of feedback in this section. Either you want the crowd to come up with new marketing ideas or you want them to have your already existing campaign or ad (or general reputation) reviewed.

The reviewers are again encouraged to thoroughly explain their views and to go into detail where necessary.

Competitor Analysis

If you’re interested in feedback about how your business compares to your competitors, this section is for you.

For example, you can ask the crowd about your unique selling points or about upcoming startups in your business area or about an overview of the differences with your competitors on a specific matter.

“Revarder helped bakenet a lot gathering UX feedback from the users that will help to improve our website a lot. It gave us feedback related to bugs, new feature to implement and so on. Very useful overall!”
“Revarder contest gave us great opportunity to get independent reviews of our platform. It is not like a positive or negative feedback from your current clients about your service. It is the whole research from different people all over the world, which are not your clients. Participants reviewed Mailigen from different sides: product, site, technology, market research, competitors comparison. We received a lot of insights that we are going to use in the future in our product and marketing strategy development. I would definitely recommend Revarder to business owners. And look forward to having a next contest in the next year!”